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Earn 2 – 3 credits in only 2 weeks at CPI in Costa Rica!

Classes begin every Monday at all three beautiful CPI locations

Students travelling alone to Costa Rica may earn university or high school transfer credits while studying at one or all three of our fantastic CPI locations in Costa Rica. Students earn approximately 2-3 credits in 2 weeks and credits are issued from one of the following participating U.S. universities: New Mexico State University (NMSU), Brookhaven College or University of Southern Mississippi (USM).  Approved credits are then transferred from the issuing entity (either NMSU, Brookhaven, or USM) to the student’s own school.  Starting any Monday, students may earn 2-3 credits over a 2 week period (or 6 credits over a 4 week period or 12 credits over an 8 week period).

The enrollment process is simple.

  1. First, the student must register with CPI to ensure space is available in our program.

  2. Once the student has received the CPI registration confirmation, s/he will contact the issuing entity (NMSU, Brookhaven College or USM) and register directly for the transfer credit program.

  3. Students pay CPI for the on-site program in Costa Rica and pay the issuing entity directly for the transfer credits & study abroad registration. The number of credits selected determines the minimum number of weeks the student must study in order to fulfill the credit requirements.

Cost Estimate:   2 weeks CPI Spanish classes + homestay (includes breakfast & dinner) = $1,320 + 2 credits & university registration $520 = $1,840.00.  The cost varies according to the credit issuing institution, number of class hours, lodging options, etc.

Sign up today and earn credits while studying Spanish with CPI in Costa Rica!

Please reference below for more detailed information.



A- TRANSFER CREDITS THROUGH NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY (any Monday for individual university students)

The CPI Spanish program is approved for transfer credits through the New Mexico State University (NMSU) for "Language Credit via Distance Education" program. Undergraduate credit for beginner to advanced courses is available and is transferable to other accredited universities. Graduate credit is also available.

Requirements and Policies for Students:

•  In order to receive credits for classes taken at CPI, students must contact the Office of Study Abroad at NMSU PRIOR to leaving for Costa Rica.

•  NMSU  Students may receive university transfer credits for classes taken at CPI Heredia, Monteverde, and Flamingo through the Office of Study Abroad at NMSU.

•  Students must take the 5,5 hour-program a day . For every three weeks of studies between CPI Heredia and CPI Monteverde , students may take classes at CPI Flamingo for one week.

•  W hen filling out your CPI registration form, please sign up as a NMSU (via distance education) student, in the credits part. You may send your CPI registration form at

The NMSU system

New Mexico State University makes several programs available to non-NMSU students wishing to earn graded credit for intensive study of Spanish. Graded credit is issued by NMSU for Spanish 111-112 (beginning), 211-212 (intermediate), 305 (topics in Hispanic Civilization), 325 (advanced conversation), and a graduate-level 590 course (Advanced Studies in Hispanic Civilization and Cultures). Check with the NMSU for additional courses that may become available.

The course instructor uses a WebCT course for orientation and language skill evaluation to determine placement level. Then, students accepted into the program travel to the cooperating institution abroad (CPI) to pursue intensive instruction and integration in local culture. Course progress is monitored by e-mail correspondence, WebCT assignments, and at the end of the formal instruction the student returns to WebCT to take an exam and fill out a final evaluation.


Students who are not currently attending NMSU may apply as long as they are in good standing academically at their home institution. Students need to receive permission from their home institution to transfer NMSU credit to their university. Since students are not accompanied by NMSU instructors, students must possess the maturity of character and work ethic to succeed in a self-directed program. Students must comply with NMSU's pre-departure orientation requirements.


Costs Items US$ Notes
Paid to NMSU NMSU Application Fee 350

Study Abroad application and processing fee (non-refundable) due at time of application. Fee includes non-degree admission to NMSU, ISIC card and two NMSU transcripts.

NMSU Credit Charge 85 per credit

NMSU will bill students for the credits for which they wish to earn from NMSU. Transcripts will be released once program is completed, work is evaluated, credits are recorded, and all program fees have been paid to NMSU and the host language institute (whose charges are additional).

HTH Insurance
44 per month  

Form and procedure for NMSU credits
The form needs to be filled out and sent (mandatory) : CLICK HERE!


(Friday, June 16th – Sunday, July 2nd 2017)
open to non-NMSU university students

In only 2 weeks earn 4 to 6 NMSU university transfer Spanish credits.

Non-NMSU university students pay $2,894 for the 4 credit program (divided in the following manner: a $350 application fee, $44 for insurance and a $85 per credit fee directly to NMSU; and $2,160 to CPI for 2 weeks of Spanish, homestay, cultural activities and tours as noted on itinerary); $3,064 for the 6 credit program (divided in the following manner: a $350 application fee, $44 for insurance and a $85 per credit fee directly to NMSU; and $2,160 to CPI for 2 weeks of Spanish, homestay, cultural activities and tours as noted on itinerary).

For a copy of the itinerary or more information on registering with NMSU for the credits please contact:
Jonle Sedar


Another available credit option includes the situation of university professors accompanying a group of students from their respective university. For some university groups the primary focus is Spanish language acquisition and for others, the concentration is Spanish language acquisition with a professional focus, such as medical Spanish, Spanish for social workers or Business Spanish. For more information about Groups at CPI click here. CPI has worked in this capacity with the following universities:
Since 2000 Texas A&M has coordinated its Latin American summer semester abroad through CPI. The university sends professors to teach Texas A&M credit courses and CPI, in addition to Spanish classes, homestay, cultural activities and excursions, provides a cultural comparison course for which their students also receive course credit. The professors responsible for establishing this collaborative program are Dr. Laura Stough and Dr. Patricia Lynch.

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